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Automated Window Shades

Chesley Electric –
Motorized Blinds & Automatic Window Shades Including Lutron Electronics in Park City

Chesley Electric offers complete automated window shades installation and repairs to the Park City and surrounding areas. Our electricians offer Lutron products to both commercial and residential properties. Automated window shades can give you the privacy you want, while being energy efficient and stylish. Our electrical contractors offer a wide range of choices and styles for automated window shades. For more information, give our certified electricians a call or text today.

Lutron’s Light Fixture Solutions Create Luxurious Environment for a Utah Couple

View Electronic House’s “Home of Week” to learn why Chesley Electric’s innovative Automated Shade Installation earned them Lutron’s Excellence award for Best Shading Installation.

Automated Shades Harmonize with the Great Outdoors

Unique solution to hiding the hardware of automated window shades makes this smart home worthy of Lutron’s Excellence award for Best Shading Installation.

Lutron Triathlon Installation

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Window Shades

Lutron has changed the way lighting works. With their unique products and many choices, Chesley Electric is proud to be an installer. We offer our automated window shades to all businesses in the Park City area. They not only save on energy, but they offer safety, security, and reduce glare. The best part is, they increase productivity. With an easy one button touch, you can adjust the lighting in your business. This not only blocks out the summer heat, but it lets in the winter sun. Automated window shades also increase comfort, certain lighting invigorates people, and through our window shades, this will increase the productivity of your employees. For more information about our Lutron products, give us a call or text today.

Window Shades

Businesses aren’t the only ones who benefit from automated window shades. Chesley Electric also offers Lutron products for our Park City residents. Automated window shades offer security and safety for your home. You can control the shades with the touch of a button. Your whole homes lighting can be controlled with one button. This makes our window shades easy to use all while being energy efficient. Our window shades also reduce glare and protects your furnishings from being damaged by the sun. If you are looking for a stylish way to incorporate automated lighting and window shades, give us a call or text today. We offer a wide range of choices and a variety of color and style choices for you to choose from.


Experience the epitome of convenience and energy efficiency with motorized blinds and automatic smart shades in Park City. Our motorized shades boast a seamless remote control operation thanks to their integrated motors. Meanwhile, our smart blinds harness the power of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, granting you control via smartphone apps or voice assistants.

Say goodbye to manual adjustments – automatic blinds effortlessly adapt to preset schedules or environmental cues, ensuring optimal comfort and energy savings. With an array of fabric options, our smart blinds not only provide effective light control but also elevate your interior aesthetics.

Transform your Park City home or office with these cutting-edge solutions tailored to your needs. Reach out to us today and discover the perfect window covering option for your space.

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