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Solar Panels & Power Plans

Residential & Commercial Solar Panels & Solar Power – 
Serving Park City – Solar Energy

Chesley Electric has been at the forefront of every new lighting and electrical technology over the past 30 years. We specialize in installing quality products for residential and commercial properties in and around Park City, UT. Solar energy is one of our many areas of expertise. Solar energy is great for the environment, as well as perfect for powering your home.


If your goal is to conserve power in a brand-new or existing home or business, then it is essential to talk to Chesley Electric about a power plan. Chesley Electric can provide an organized system to truly maximize the power in your home or business.


There are four steps to the power plan:

Conserve – The first step is to conserve power. Good conservation practices like switching old bulbs to LED, using Energy Star and energy-efficiant appliances are a fantastic start.
MonitorNext in the plan is to identify which items use the most power and why. This can be as simple as looking through the monthly power bill or using a power monitoring system.
Power-saving controls – Once power burdens are identified power saving controls are implemented, like light dimmers, thermostats, time clocks and lighting control systems.
Solar and solar batteries – Battery storage allows power produced by solar panels to be stored for use at a later time. If you have solar panels without a battery and there is a power outage, the system will shut off. With a battery you can produce, use and store power independent from the grid.

Solar and battery storage incentives – Solar and Battery Storage are eligible federal incentives, depending on the specifics of the installation.
Visit the Wattsmart incentive link HERE

Solar Systems and Solar Panels

At Chesley Electric, we understand that each property is unique and will require a carefully designed solar system and solar panels. Our team uses advanced modeling software to create estimates and designs unique to your needs. We use the Aurora platform that provides the most accurate and reliable performance simulations in the industry. Each year, electricity rates rise, leaving you to budget and fret over your electrical expenses. Solar systems are the perfect solution, as they drastically cut down on electricity rates and provide a better and greener environment for the Park City area.

We can create a sustainable home at a fraction of your electricity bill with our solar systems and solar panels. Solar panels and systems have fallen in price, making now an ideal time to consider protecting the investment of your home, all while providing comfort to your family.

Sonnen Solar Battery Charging Electric Vehicle.

Battery Backups

With all sources of electricity, it is crucial to have a backup plan in place. Battery backups for your solar system and solar panels are a must. Chesley Electric will determine what type of battery backup is needed for your Park City home or business and discuss options with you. Losing power can be devastating, especially if it is the dead of Winter. Battery backups can run several lower power items for a certain amount of time, allowing you to stay warm or cool, depending on the weather, as well as keeping the food in your refrigerator safe.

If you have ever thought about the option of solar power, now is a perfect time. The electrical contractor technicians at Chesley Electric are well-versed in the newest technology and award-winning electric installers and designers for Park City and other areas of Utah.

Two men working on installing battery backups for solar power
Battery panels for storing solar power